Clients want lawyers with deep practice experience, extensive knowledge of their industry and a deep understanding of the cultures and traditions of the market where the deal has to be done or the dispute has to be resolved. Clients want counsel “in and of” their community, regardless of where those communities are, or how big they might be.

But no single law firm can be everywhere a client needs it to be. That is why Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, has created Nextlaw Global Referral Network, the world’s broadest, deepest legal referral network. Our membership covers more countries than any other legal referral network.

Welcome to the Nextlaw Global Referral Network

Innovation has come to the legal profession slowly. And, as with innovation in any field, there are those who have been doing things the same way for decades. They hate change. They benefit from the status quo.

Although we are just getting started, Nextlaw Global Referral Network offers members and their clients all the benefits of the best traditional legal referral networks without the disadvantages of the pay-to-play system.

Nextlaw Global Referral Network differs from traditional pay-to-play legal referral networks in two ways: it does not charge a membership fee and it does not grant members territorial exclusivity. This enables clients to be referred to the right law firm with the right experience, not just the one that paid a membership fee or was granted an exclusive territory regardless of whether it can truly provide all the expertise a client needs in every location in that jurisdiction.

With free membership, the ability to have multiple firms, with differing strengths and expertise in a single market, and a technology platform that promotes reciprocal repeat referrals, Nextlaw Global Referral Network is committed to connecting clients with top talent around the world.

At Nextlaw Global Referral Network, the only criterion is quality. The only motivation, to serve clients better.

Our global reach

200 countries, 500+ firms, 26,000+ lawyers

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So how are we really different?

We do not charge member law firms a fee.

When a legal referral network charges a membership fee, clients cannot be certain that they are being referred to a law firm that has the right expertise, or just the firm that has paid the fee. By having no membership fees and allowing multiple firms in the same jurisdiction, Nextlaw Global Referral Network increases the likelihood that clients can be connected to a law firm with the experience the client needs. As long as a law firm is qualified, and can pass our extensive review and screening process, they are welcome to join our network. Quality matters. Clients matter. Now clients can be connected to talented lawyers anywhere in the world. That is what matters most.

Unlike other networks, we do not offer our members territorial exclusivity.

In a traditional pay-to-play legal network, when a member firm pays a fee, it is often granted territorial exclusivity in a market

or a country. Again, the client may not get the law firm that has the right expertise, but rather the one that is in that jurisdiction, regardless of whether the firm has the appropriate experience in the type of law the client needs. In those circumstances, the client’s only option may be the wrong option.  Nextlaw Global Referral Network does not charge membership fees and does not grant territorial monopolies. Clients get more choices so they can work with their law firm to find the precise right lawyer for their particular matter.

We designed our network using the newest technologies and network architecture.

We are more than an exclusive club for firms who can buy their way in. We are more than a digital directory. We are a modern, elegant technology platform that focuses on client needs and provides your local, trusted law firm with unprecedented power and control.

We offer clients the best of all worlds.

As a client, you continue to work closely with your law firm of choice, the one you have trusted for years, and they continue to do what they do best. But when they need more capabilities, they can find them simply by tapping into the power of one of the largest — and certainly the most innovative — networks in the world. Your law firm may be small and specialized and dedicated. Now they are also global, specialized and dedicated.

We take a polycentric, global approach

The Nextlaw Global Referral Network takes a polycentric approach, embracing diversity and consisting of member firms that are “in and of” the communities they serve, so we have lawyers with an intimate knowledge of the legal and business cultures all of our clients seek.

In addition to member firms that have the substantive experience to do a deal or resolve a dispute, clients want someone who also understands the culture of the region in which they operate. Our network has no flag, no global headquarters and no dominant culture. Every office is a home office. We are a network. That means clients experience seamless service across regions, practices and sectors, while still receiving the high-quality, highly localized legal counsel that is our calling card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of firms do you have on the network? Are there specific criteria you look for, for example a certain size?


    Nextlaw Global Referral Network is open to any and all qualified firms. Our standards are high and we have an extensive screening and vetting process, but unlike other legal networks, we do not focus on membership fees or regional exclusivity.

  • As a client, can I work directly with Nextlaw Global Referral Network? Is there a way I can access the directory?


    No. Nextlaw Global Referral Network is designed specifically for law firms. As a client, you need to work through your law firm and they, in turn, can access the network on your behalf.

  • One of my law firms is not on the network? Is there something I can do about that?


    Yes. Please speak with them and encourage them to apply for membership. The application process is online and easily accessed through this website.

  • As a client can I access the network directly?

    No, the network is designed for law firms and to be used by law firms. We do not offer access directly to clients.
  • How does the network make money if you don’t charge fees like other networks?


    The network benefits its primary sponsor the same way it benefits each of its members, by increasing business by being able to provide the best service to clients anywhere in the world. In the end, by offering clients the best legal service in the world, all our member firms benefit.

  • How long have you been up and running?

    We entered a test phase several months ago but formally launched the network to member firms in early October, 2016.
  • How many member firms do you have?

    We currently have over 400 member firms covering more than 180 countries with over 23,000 lawyers in the world.
  • Who decides which firms can join and which firms can’t?


    As of now there is a membership committee comprised of some of the best attorneys in the world who review and vet each member firm prior to accepting them as a member. Over time, our plan is to expand the membership committee to include member firms and clients.

  • Some firms are listed on your web site and others are not. How do I know which firms are members and which firms are not?


    We allow each member to decide whether or not they want to promote their membership. Some do and some don’t. If your law firm is a member, authorized users can access the network and they will be able to access the profiles of all the other members.

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