We’re inviting quality law firms—regardless of size or location—to join a first-of-its-kind global referral network, completely free of charge.

“We realized that the last thing the world needs is another ‘me too’ referral network like all the others. It’s innovation that drives what it is we do. We don’t get our inspiration from the past, we get it from the future. One way we can do this is by offering our members the most innovative technologies and tools enabling them to compete and thrive in our increasingly fluid, ever-changing industry,” Jeff Modisett, Nextlaw Global Referral Network CEO, said. “In reality, working closely with Nextlaw Labs, we can offer our members the world’s most sophisticated technologies that until now, only the world’s largest law firms could access or afford.”

There are a lot of legal networks in the world. Some would argue too many. So why has Nextlaw Global Referral Network grown in its first year to become the largest network in the world, with more high-quality firms than any other network on earth? We think it’s because we offer our member more value than any other network in the world. We charge no fees. We’re open to any and all high-quality firms, regardless of size. We don’t demand jurisdictional monopolies like other networks. But now, just as importantly, because we provide something no other network in the world provides: Strategic, competitive advantage.

Working closely with our sister company, Nextlaw Labs, we identify, study and curate cutting edge legal technology and best practices and provide special curated products and services to members at a discount. In essence, we provide the same innovation and technology opportunities to small and medium sized law firms that the largest law firms in the world have always been able to access.

In today’s tumultuous and fluid global business climate, to compete and win, every law firm must be able to identify the right teams and expertise across myriad practices and sectors, anywhere in the world. This innovative and collaborative platform enables each member to draw on and engage top talent in ways no single law firm can accomplish on its own.

In addition to encouraging new business, collaboration and referrals among its members, Nextlaw Global Referral Network also serves as a sophisticated and strategic innovations and technology platform.

Members enjoy special access and pricing on innovative legal technology products and services through our partnership with Nextlaw Labs, which identifies, develops and invests in new solutions that transform the world of law.

The Nextlaw Global Referral Network also works closely with the Nextlaw Global Public Affairs Network, a network of high-quality public affairs, public relations, and lobbying firms, helping member law firms find the exact right partner in both the court of public opinion, as well as the court of law.

Lastly, Nextlaw Global Referral Network works closely with Dentons pro bono partners to facilitate an expansion of the firm’s ability to provide an unprecedented level of pro bono support around the world in partnership with network members.

All member firms must qualify as quality firms.

What is Nextlaw Global Referral Network?

Introducing a global legal referral network unlike any other, created by Dentons, the world’s largest law firm. Developed to connect and increase opportunities for law firms, while helping them secure the top legal talent in the world for their clients, Nextlaw Global Referral Network provides unprecedented business opportunities to its members.

  • Not pay-to-play
  • It’s free
  • Not limited to one law firm in any one location, so specialty or boutique firms are free to join and member firms have a wider choice of referral firms
  • Uses a new technology platform that makes it easier and faster to find the right lawyer at the right firm
  • Promotes reciprocal repeat referrals
  • Provides instantaneous access to the top talent around the world
  • Allows you to market to your clients that you can assist them virtually anywhere

Why Join Nextlaw Global Referral Network?

Not pay-to-play

Unlike typical networks, Nextlaw Global Referral Network is not pay-to-play. Pay-to-play systems match clients with firms that are willing to pay for membership, not the best firm for the client’s particular need. Removing the pay-to-play dynamic allows firms to connect their clients with the right lawyers to fit their need, without exception.

It’s free

With no membership fees—or any fees whatsoever—the Network is open to any firm, regardless of size. It is a win for clients, who are connected with the experience they need, and for members, who can focus on what they do best, get new business because of their expertise, and grow existing business through a direct line to the largest pool of legal talent in the world—all without paying anything.

Extends your reach

As a member firm, you instantly gain a global footprint and more referrals, along with the ability to connect your clients to the right talent to fit a client’s need in any geography, practice and sector, with all territories being non-exclusive.

Allows your firm to be connected to client opportunities everywhere

The Nextlaw Global Referral Network is open to any law firm that meets its quality standards, including small to mid-sized law firms, and firms of any size that are in one location, country or region, or that specialize in one practice area or industry sector. This allows the top law firms, regardless of size or location, to be connected with client opportunities everywhere and collaborate with other firms to find the right lawyer with the right expertise in the right place for clients.

 Yields reciprocal repeat referrals for your firm

Member firms can increase inbound referrals through a technology platform that promotes reciprocal repeat referrals and leverages the reach of the largest law firm in the world.

Differentiates your brand

Your firm improves its brand profile in your location and beyond, through what will become the world’s largest referral network.

Provides comprehensive search results

In addition to your firm name, search results include a description of your law firm, key practices and industry sectors, and major successes and/or awards.

Not limited to one law firm in any location

With many law firms focused on specific areas of expertise, most firms are very good in some things, but often don’t do other things. By not limiting the Nextlaw Global Referral Network to one firm in each location, boutique and specialty firms are encouraged to join, bringing further opportunity from around the world, and expanding their client offering. Unlike other referral networks, member firms can refer their clients to law firms that are the right firms, not the firm that has paid to be the one firm in that location. Other legal referral networks only work for the law firm that paid a fee to be the only provider in a geographic location; Nextlaw Global Referral Network works for clients.

Uses an intuitive and user-friendly technology platform

Your firm benefits from direct access to the most sophisticated technology in the industry. The platform affords an easy, efficient way to provide advice and direction to clients, saving your firm time and money while providing your clients with the highest-quality talent available.

Nextlaw Global Referral Network brings together the top legal experience and capabilities in the world.

Join us in transforming the business of law.

How does the Nextlaw Global Referral Network application process work?


Step One

Click here to complete an online application. All information is strictly confidential.


Step Two

The Nextlaw Global Referral Network team will review your application and assess your eligibility.


Step Three

If your firm is accepted, you will receive an information kit to guide you in communicating your membership to your clients and prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does the largest law firm in the world want to invest the time and money to build a new kind of global legal referral network?


    Core to Dentons' strategy is listening to its clients' needs and acting as a connector. Connecting clients with the top talent in the world—by region, practice and industry sector—benefits all. The legal profession, like every other industry in the world, will inevitably be restructured. Dentons is leading the charge because it sees other law firms as collaborators, not competitors. And you are invited to join us.

  • How is Nextlaw Global Referral Network different from the other networks with which we are already familiar?

    Nextlaw Global Referral Network is free, not pay-to-play; it encourages reciprocal referrals, and it focuses on quality.

    Current legal referral networks don’t work for clients—they work for the law firms that pay a fee to be the exclusive member in each geographic location.

    Nearly all legal referral networks consist of law firms that are willing to pay significant membership or annual fees. Nextlaw Global Referral Network does not charge a fee for membership. And because it is not territorially exclusive, you can apply to cover any location where you have an office. With free membership, the ability to have multiple firms with differing strengths in any city, and a technology platform that promotes reciprocal repeat referrals, Nextlaw Global Referral Network is committed to connecting clients with the right talent for their need, connecting high-quality firms to opportunities everywhere.

  • Given that Nextlaw Global Referral Network is associated with Dentons, how can I trust that you won’t use my Network referrals as an opportunity to “poach” my clients?


    All parties to Nextlaw Global Referral Network—the Network itself and its member firms, including Dentons—will be subject to a clear, written Membership Agreement that reviews the applicable legal and ethical obligations of the parties and appropriate restrictions on sharing information. In addition to the contractual obligations, the Network is a collaborative enterprise, which will only succeed if the members are satisfied.

    Although there are ethical restrictions in many jurisdictions that preclude legal professionals from disclosing their clients, the Network exists to ensure that its members are able to better serve their clients through trusted relationships with other network members. Accordingly, all members must abide by these obligations (lest they be expelled from the Network) and any member who is dissatisfied will be able to voluntarily withdraw without penalty at any time.

  • What is the relationship between Nextlaw Global Referral Network and Dentons?

    Nextlaw Global Referral Network has the backing and full support of Dentons, as specifically set forth in our Terms of Use.
  • We’re a small law firm; how can we be certain that we will be treated fairly by Nextlaw Global Referral Network?


    All member firms are treated objectively and fairly. Nextlaw Global Referral Network’s success depends on this core principle. By charging no fee and not limiting a location to one law firm, more law firms will be able to become members of Nextlaw Global Referral Network. The more members in the network the stronger it is, so everyone benefits when everyone is treated fairly.

  • Can any firm join or are there certain requirements and/or limitations (for example, by qualification, size, region or practice)?


    Any firm is able to apply and is evaluated based on a number of criteria, including client feedback, independent third-party quality rankings, awards and accolades, and unique practice and/or sector expertise. The Network exists to ensure that its members are able to better serve their clients through trusted relationships with other Network members. Consequently, in addition to the evaluation criteria referenced above, all applicants must sign a Membership Agreement and adhere to Nextlaw Global Referral Network’s Terms of Use.

  • Are there any hidden costs or opportunity costs?

  • What is the process for joining Nextlaw Global Referral Network?


    Firms that are currently part of our informal referral network—called founding firms—are being asked to join Nextlaw Global Referral Network. These founding firms are firms Dentons has worked with previously and has fully vetted. Naturally, any founding firm may opt out of the Network.

    All other firms will join through an easy online enrollment process. After a firm applies, it is vetted by a panel consisting of Dentons partners, partners of other member firms, and general counsel, who evaluate each applicant based on a number of criteria, including client feedback, independent third-party quality rankings, awards and accolades, and unique practice and/or sector expertise. In addition, all applicants must sign a Membership Agreement and adhere to Nextlaw Global Referral Network’s Terms of Use.

  • What information will I need to provide on my profile?


    If your firm currently has a public website, the information will be similar to your firm summary or "About Us" page (including, of course, name, address, phone numbers and email address). We encourage each firm to list its key practice areas, as well as industry sector experience. We also request that you provide specific contact information for your designated network liaison partner.

  • Can a firm leave the network at any time?

  • How do I update or edit my data?

    The platform allows for self-editing. You are in control of the information that is displayed to the rest of the Network, as long as it is within the broad guidelines of the Network.
  • Will there be training on how to use the technology and website?

    Yes. New members are provided with an onboarding guide as well as support provided by the Network.
  • I have heard that there is a tracking system. How does that work?

    All referrals are tracked so that members know which firms are referring work to other Network members and which are not.
  • If I am located within the same region as a Dentons office, will I be treated fairly, or will referred work go to the Dentons office?


    For work that originates with Dentons, if Dentons does not have the specific team or experience to meet client needs in a specific geography, sector or practice, the Firm will connect clients to the right talent to fit their needs; if it has the capability, the work will be done by Dentons lawyers and professionals. For work that originates outside Dentons, any member firm is at liberty to refer work to any other firm in the Network.

  • If there are two member firms in the same region with the same practice and sector expertise, how does the system prioritize or rank these firms?

    Firms will be prioritized based on a qualitative and quantitative ranking system that is client-driven.
  • Who else can access the data on the referral network, and how can we be assured of security and privacy?

    Please refer to our Terms of Use and our Membership Agreement for full details.

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